Do you offer hosting service?

Do you offer hosting service?

Yes, please look for iDot.Net Hosting services within your account.
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    • How long does it take to activate the hosting service?

      Please note that once you order the hosting service, the DNS is updated instantaneously to the required nameservers. You do not have to take any further steps and the site should start resolving shortly. ​Note: If you have visited the domain ...
    • Why Choose iDotz.Net hosting?

      Building a website has never been easier. The freedom to build a website limited only by your imagination. All the tools you need to create a site that’s unique to you without any technical expertise. DRAG & DROP BUILDER: Create the perfect site with ...
    • How do I order web-hosting?

      Log into your account and follow the steps provided below: Click on the domain name Scroll below your domain listing to the Domain Services area Click on the hosting service order link
    • I have questions about how to manage the website builder interface.

      You can find answers related to questions regarding the website builder interface at Support or via the Community.
    • Available Hosting Packages

      Site features Free Starter Pro Business Performance Unlimited storage 500MB Free hosting Free SSL security No Weebly branding Site search Password protection Video backgrounds HD video & audio Membership options Limited eCommerce features Free ...