What is an Emoji Domain?

What is an Emoji Domain?

Emoji domain is a domain name that contains an expressive digital image or icon.
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    • Are Emoji Domains Compatible with Browsers?

      Emoji domain registrations are compatible with all browsers and can simply be typed into the address bar like any other domain name.
    • How do Emoji Domains Work?

      All domains are ASCII text, including Emojis. Some browsers may display the Emoji or IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) characters within the address bar, but behind-the-scenes the domain remains in ASCII text. Browsers use "punycodes" to convert ...
    • How do I move my domain to another iDotz user?

      In order to move a domain to another iDotz user, please have the following recipient information available: - Username - First Name - Last Name Log into your account and click on the domain name you wish to move. Scroll down to the service menu and ...
    • How do I request a domain Restore?

      To restore a domain name please follow the steps outlined below: Log into your account Click on the "Restore Domains" link under the "Domain Manager Account Settings Enter the domain name in the open field Select the extension from the pull-down menu ...
    • How do I validate my domain names?

      When you register a new domain or update any of your existing domains with new contact information, under the ICANN WDRP (Whois Data Reminder Policy) a verification email will be sent to the registrant email address you provide. Please note that it ...