What is an Emoji Domain?

What is an Emoji Domain?

Emoji domain is a domain name that contains an expressive digital image or icon.
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    • Are Emoji Domains Compatible with Browsers?

      Emoji domain registrations are compatible with all browsers and can simply be typed into the address bar like any other domain name.
    • How do Emoji Domains Work?

      All domains are ASCII text, including Emojis. Some browsers may display the Emoji or IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) characters within the address bar, but behind-the-scenes the domain remains in ASCII text. Browsers use "punycodes" to convert ...
    • How do I move my domain to another iDotz user?

      In order to move a domain to another iDotz user, please have the following recipient information available: - Username - First Name - Last Name Log into your account and click on the domain name you wish to move. Scroll down to the service menu and ...
    • How do I request a domain Restore?

      To restore a domain name please follow the steps outlined below: Log into your account Click on the Restore Domains link under the Domain Manager Account Settings area Select the domain name from the pull down menu (only restorable domains are ...
    • How do I validate my domain names?

      When you register a new domain or update any of your existing domains with new contact information, under the ICANN WDRP (Whois Data Reminder Policy) a verification email will be sent to the registrant email address you provide. Please note that it ...