What web browsers work with IDNs?

What web browsers work with IDNs?

Nearly all modern Web Browsers support IDNs: 

- Chome

- Firefox 

- Mozilla

- Opera

- Apple Safari

- Microsoft IE/Edge

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    • What are IDNs?

      An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which uses non-ASCII characters like ö á ü 无线电 라디오. The ASCII-compatible encoding (ACE) standard is called "Punycode". IDNs are registered in ASCII characters, however, browsers convert the ...
    • How do Emoji Domains Work?

      All domains are ASCII text, including Emojis. Some browsers may display the Emoji or IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) characters within the address bar, but behind-the-scenes the domain remains in ASCII text. Browsers use "punycodes" to convert ...
    • How can I search for IDNs?

      You may search for available IDN domains by clicking IDNs in the top menu at iDotz.Net or go directly to the IDN page https://idotz.net/idn/
    • Are Emoji Domains Compatible with Browsers?

      Emoji domain registrations are compatible with all browsers and can simply be typed into the address bar like any other domain name.
    • What languages are supported?

      Since availability of languages is dependent upon Unicode, it would be best to answer this question in Unicode terms from the Unicode site. Many scripts (especially Latin) are used for a very large number of languages. The easiest answer is that ...