Why does my website display a 404 error?

Why does my website display a 404 error?

If you see a 404  Error - Page Not Found when you type your domain name in the browser, it simply means that your website has not yet been published. You may want to log into your iDotz.Net account and follow the menu options listed below to publish your website:
  • Begin by clicking the domain name you wish to manage
  • Click iDotz.Net Hosting Control Panel in the Domain Services section
  • Click Website Control Panel Login
  • Make necessary modifications to the current template and click Publish in the top right hand corner of the page


Error - Page Not Found

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      Yes, please look for iDot.Net Hosting services within your account.
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      Log into your account and follow the steps provided below: Click on the domain name Scroll below your domain listing to the Domain Services area Click on the hosting service order link
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